Honos OG04 is the fourth member of the OGIENOID series. Her character design was done by LadyOgien. She was a member of the original OGIENOIDs in their heyday.

Background[edit | edit source]

Honos was an unplanned addition to the OGIENOID series created by OGIEN Ltd. In her past, she was a stolen android from law enforcement forced to compete in underground robot fights. When she gained self-awareness, she fled, eventually ending up at OGIEN Ltd. She would later become a member of The Triad, which would become the OGIENOIDs' most well known formation.

She went missing alongside many other OGIENOIDs. Her friends believed she may have had important information on their disappearances.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Honos is a rather calm and collected woman. Her presence itself is very calming, as she is usually rather cool headed. She has a knack for stabilizing others' emotions, and this trait earned her admiration from her fellow OGIENOID team members. Honos has always been a shoulder to cry on and a bit of a therapy bot. Her mental health is very strong, but on the occasion she breaks down, she turns to Virtus OG02 for comfort.

Name Origins[edit | edit source]

Honos was the Roman god who personified honor. Closely associated with Virtus (goddess of virtue), the two were frequently honored together, such as in the Temple of Virtus and Honos in Rome.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Virtus OG02 - Her closest friend and, later, partner. The two are inseparable and incredibly close. Before becoming OGIENOIDs, the two met on the streets. Virtus claims Honos saved her life.
  • Theia OG03 - One of Honos's best friends, Theia is someone Honos admires. The two work closely together to instruct and lead their fellow OGIENOIDs.
  • Kasai OG01 - Good friends, the two were rather close in the old days. Since Kasai could not sing with the others, Honos personally taught her self defense and weight training.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the past, Honos served as a member of law enforcement. Her primary occupation was to record evidence and deescalate potentially dangerous situations with her therapy programming.
  • Her favorite season is autumn.
  • She and Virtus OG02 are officially partners in the present.
  • Honos's accent color is Theia's primary color; purple.
  • Her current status and location are unknown.
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