Kasai OG01 is the first member of the OGIENOID series. Her character design was done by LadyOgien, though her official Default is the revamp of a pre-existing concept from 2009. She is the creator of Axis OG06 and Atlas OG07, and has been deemed their "mother" in name.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kasai was the first in the OGIENOID series created by OGIEN Ltd. She was initially developed to see if biodroids could fit the company's needs as performing idols. When the company realized it did not have the proper resources to modify her into a singing bot, she was turned into the company's backup database.

As her fellow OGIENOIDs disappeared one by one, Kasai became increasingly desperate to save her remaining friends. Without consulting her colleagues, she planned to preserve the OGIENOID line by creating Axis OG06 and Atlas OG07.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kasai is a fiery individual with the ability to feel human emotion. Though she can be very pushy, she is a devoted friend who would give her life for her loved ones. She always expects the best effort out of her friends and is an "all or nothing" kind of person. She detests laziness and is often found working out.

Many refer to her as the "Heart of STUDIO OGIEN".

Name Origins[edit | edit source]

The name "Kasai", written as "火災" in Japanese, means a "conflagration" or a large, destructive fire.

Since Kasai was created long before the other OGIENOIDs as a singular entity, she is the only character with a Japanese name. She goes against the theme of Greek/Roman name origins that the other girls share.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Dione OG05 - Kasai's first friend and confidant. As Kasai was never allowed to perform, and Dione did not want to perform, the two spent much of their time together in the early years of the OGIENOIDs. Rather inseparable, some speculate there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.
  • Theia OG03 - One of her best friends, the two get along very well due to their complimenting personalities. However, for some unknown reason, the two abstain from getting too close.
  • Axis OG06 - Created with Kasai's memories. The two have never met.
  • Atlas OG07 - Created with Kasai's database. The two have never met.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kasai's favorite food is chili peppers. Eating them shorts out her circuits, but she enjoys the sensation.
  • She is a terrible cook.
  • Her favorite season is summer.
  • Kasai's favorite musical genre is death metal. On occasion, she will also listen to K-pop.
  • Her accent color is Dione's primary color; aqua.
  • Though she is technically deceased in-story, she is referred to in present tense in non-story related media.
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